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ABWE-USA Hispanic church planting

Our responses to FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs or frequently asked questions that we have received.  If you have other questions please send us an e-mail and we will be glad to respond to your questions. 

Latest revision: January 4, 2013

{C}1)      How many years have you served as missionaries with ABWE.

{C}2)      What does your ministry look like?

a)      Our primary objectives in ministry are Evangelism, discipleship, leadership training and church planting with Hispanics in the USA. 

b)      We are accomplishing these objectives through the following ministries

Hispanic pastors and leaders congresses in the USA

Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship training for Hispanics

Mentoring Hispanic pastors and wives involved in church planting

c)      We are also involved in the following ministries:

 Chapels and Bible studies with professional baseball players

Haitian pastors and leaders development in Haiti with the Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship

a)      We will continue this assignment until we have 100% support

{C}4)      What do you see your ministry as in the near future?

a)      Continued church planting among the Hispanics in the USA as well as assisting in church planting efforts in Central and South America.

{C}5)      Are you regularly sharing the Gospel and seeing people come to true faith in Christ?

a)      Yes, We have many testimonies of people who are continually understanding the Gospel and receiving Christ as Savior. 

{C}6)      Does ABWE approve of the ministries you are doing right now? 

a)      Yes, our abwe USA area director has had close contact with us and been very involved with us in these ministries.  He is excited to see how God is using us.

{C}7)      Is Lois still working as a school teacher?

a)      Lois resigned from her position as kindergarten teacher in June, 2013.  This was our “tent-making” just like the apostle Paul did.  It has been a means to provide for the lack of support over the past ten years.  We still do not receive sufficient funds to cover our ministry expenses, but are thankful to God at the same time for meeting our basic needs. Her teaching position enabled our 3 boys to have a tuition free, quality Christian school education.   At the same time for seven years Lois also dedicated countless hours to our Vida Nueva Church plant. 

{C}8)      If your primary ministry is Hispanic church planting, why are you also involved in Haiti?

a)      God opened this door of opportunity to me after finishing the last Hispanic church plant.  My time committed to this has been limited, but it has been one of the most profitable investments of my time and resources that I have ever experienced.  It is interesting how God leads us to do things that we never imagined.  All I can say is, when God leads me to do something like this, it is pretty difficult to say no. 

{C}9)      What do the Hispanic pastors and leaders conferences you are initiating in the USA have to do with church planting?

a)      There is a tremendous need among small Hispanic churches and some larger ones for solid Biblical teaching especially as relates to clearly proclaiming the Gospel.  Many Hispanic pastors work full time and many have little formal theological training.  If we can help them to refocus, strengthen and grow their churches with true believers, the end result will be that they will start new churches.  We are asking God to help us to initiate a church planting movement among these churches. 

{C}10)  {C}How much more monthly support do you need in order to be at the minimum required by ABWE?

a)      We are lacking 10% of our support for this church planting ministry; or $700 per month, which includes ministry expenses.  

{C}12)  {C}What does your ministry to baseball players have to do with Hispanic church planting? 

a)      This is the grass roots phase of church planting: evangelism and discipleship.  We share the Gospel with them, some are converted and discipled, and then we connect them with Gospel preaching, Bible teaching churches.  Our prayer is that some of these will catch the burden which we have shared with them to do as we are doing in making disciples and be instrumental in helping to start new churches here in the USA and in their countries or origin in Central and South America.  We are already seeing this begin to happen.  I have two other men who assist me with this ministry.  This ministry involves from one or two partial days of my time each week during the baseball season; usually about 2-3 hours each visit to the stadium. 

{C}13)  {C}What if I have other questions?  Can I email you today? 

{C}ü  {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}answer = YES !  write to  csexton@abwe.cc 

Thank you for your interest in us and our ministry. 

Let us know what you think about what we are doing.

If you would like to become a partner in financially supporting us, just write us and we will give you the simple steps for making this happen. 


All because of Christ,     Carl & Lois