Ministering to Hispanic Immigrants in USA






to the Hispanic immigrants

in the USA


The Sextons are part of the ABWE Hispanic ministries team which works together for the purpose of equipping Hispanic churches to be able to plant other churches.  The Sextons have a great burden for assisting new Hispanic church plants to be effective in evangelism, discipleship and to catch the vision for church planting.  They have been blessed by God to see many revivals start after leading the Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship training for Pastors and leaders in many parts of the USA and in Haiti.  


              It is important to mention that at this time we are in urgent need of funds in order to do this.  Our missionary monthly support is presently $700 under the minimum needed.  It is God's work.  He will provide in the way He sees fit.  He will lead those people to partner financially with our ministry who he has already chosen.  We are living each day by faith.  I believe that this is actually what God wants for all of us, whether we have financial needs or not.   


On August 1, 2010 our Iglesia Bautista Vida Nueva (New Life Baptist Church) in Lake Worth, Florida graduated to become an independent local church.  This means that I resigned as pastor and turned over my responsibilities to a Hispanic pastor and leadership.  This has been the goal since beginning this church.   The church now has its own incorporation as a non-profit organization, as well as tax exemption.  We have ministered to hundreds of Spanish-speakers with whom we have had contact through the many ministries of our church.   We have had the privilege of leading many of them Christ.  The church has ministries for children, youth, and home Bible studies for adults.  It is our prayer that some of our Hispanic believers will return to Latin America to start churches there.  It is already happening in a small way as they return to visit family and friends.  Nearly every month someone from our church travels to Central or South America and leads people to Christ.  You should come and visit the chruch and experience for yourself the vibrant atmosphere.  We trust that this is because God is in control and His Word is honored and preached in our ministry.


How did this ministry to Hispanic immigrants begin?


If you get excited hearing about how God directs people, then we will enjoy reading our story about something very interesting that God did in our lives during our missionary furlough in 2002.   During the last several months of that furlough, we continued traveling to churches and reporting of our ministry in Argentina.  We had been privileged to experience many exciting church planting endeavors and seen God?s hand at work in Argentina for over 15 years.  It was during this 2002 furlough that we began sensing God prompting us to consider a change in ministry. This decision would test our faith like we had never before experienced.  Everything was going great in our ministry in Argentina.  It was home to all of us and we had no logical reason to change fields.  Yet God continued to speak to our hearts about a change, a new assignment.  This prompting of God would cause us to humble ourselves and write the final chapter in our book of missionary experiences in Argentina. Our 15 precious years of sacrifice and investment of our lives in the people of Argentina would now come to an end.  This caused us to spend much time in prayer and reading God?s Word and seeking advice for wisdom. 


While reporting to one of our supporting churches in Florida, West pines Baptist Church, the Lord gave us a glimpse of the new assignment and the reason for the change in fields.  After we had shared with the Pastor that God seemed to be leading us to not return to Argentina, he shared with us his burden for the growing group of Spanish speaking people who are un-reached with the Gospel in that part of Florida.   Here in the USA, there are over 40 million Hispanics.  40% of the students in the elementary schools in this community are Hispanic. We promised to pray about this opportunity among others which we knew of.  As we prayed about it, we sensed that God was calling our attention in a very significant way to this need.   We sought wise counsel from our home churches where Lois and I are members and from our ABWE administrators.  The Word of God was an incredible light to us as we waited on Him for His confirmation.  


We finally came to the definite conclusion that God was in this.  We returned to Florida in late July, 2003 to begin our new ministry.  Our first church plant project would be in Lake Worth, Florida.  West Pines Baptist Church in Lake Worth offered the use of a youth center to begin our first meetings.  They also offered some Spanish speaking volunteers to help us get started.  What more could we ask for? This new church plant would be financially independent and supported through our own ministry funds, just as we did in Argentina. 


We would now become part of a growing group of missionaries whom God has called to plant churches in the USA.  Our ABWE missionary administrator of the USA missionaries believed that it was a great opportunity especially since we already speak the Spanish language, understand the Latin culture and have experienced what the immigrants here have experienced in trying to adapt to another country.   Our supporting churches and individuals have trusted us with the responsibility of being foreign missionaries in Argentina for 15 years through their prayers and financial support.  Now we would continue to depend on their continued support of our service to God as we continue church planting in the new location that God had selected. 


Our plans are to continue as missionaries with ABWE so that we could continue planting churches just as we did in Argentina.  There is a desperate need here for reaching this continually increasing number of 40 million Hispanics with the Gospel in their own Spanish language. 


  Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this letter.   Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  We thank you for your prayers and financial support as we continue to allow God to use us for His glory.


Sincerely in Christ, 


Carl and Lois Sexton