Ministering to Venezuelans in Northern Brazil

Carl Sexton on December 20, 2018

God did it again!

During my recent ministry trip to Northern Brazil, one Venezuelan pastor expressed to me that he and the other pastors had never experienced anything like it in their lives.

I would have to agree!

I’ve also never experienced anything like it in my life either; what I observed of their passionate reception of the Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship training last week definitely was a work of God. 

Watch my one-minute video below!

My trip to Boa Vista, Brazil the first week of December was definitely challenging but amazing; as God always is amazing and can only do amazing things.  

In three days I led 58 Venezuelan pastors and wives through the Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship training.  They will be going back to Venezuela to multiply this training using the powerful “Story of Hope” evangelistic Bible study.  

Boa Vista-6444

God fanned the flame in their hearts to return with passion for spiritual sowing and harvest in the middle of this mega crisis in their country.  

My sincere thanks to all who pray for us and support our missionary efforts financially, enabling me to go to Brazil!  

The first goal they made is to lead 500 unsaved Venezuelans through the Story of Hope in the first three months.  The potential is to reach more than 1000 Venezuelans for Christ within 6 months. 

Boa Vista-6920

This group actually was detained for several hours at the border. They thought at one point that they would be denied access into Brazil to come to the training.  

The biggest challenge for me was when I arrived at Boa Vista and was told that my teaching partner, ABWE missionary Scott Russell, was admitted to the hospital in the USA the day he was to travel to Brazil and I had to teach all 18 hours with only one day notice. By the way, Scott is recovering well now.  

Boa Vista -5743

I don’t think I could have done it without the help of three of the ABWE missionaries who serve in Brazil.  Being fluent in Portuguese they couldn’t speak in Spanish to the Venezuelans but they helped me with all the other many details. What a team!  

In spite of all the challenges, look what God did!  Would you take a moment to pray for these dear pastors and wives as they obey God leading them to stay in their country in an extremely difficult time when people are actually starving to death from physical hunger? 

Has this story inspired you?  We would love to hear from you! 

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