Lois is in Peru

Carl Sexton on October 15, 2019

Hello prayer partners! 

This is Carl
writing a quick note
to ask for just a moment of your time
to pray for Lois.  


Because she arrived yesterday morning in Peru, South America along with the ministry team “Heart Mind and Soul for ministering to LGBTQ.”  


80 missionaries with ABWE have come from all over South America for a week of training and encouragement.  Lois and the team will lead the seminar today, Tuesday afternoon.  


God is using this seminar beyond our imaginations to rescue people from despair, give hope to the hopeless and challenge believers to do what Jesus would do.  


We believe God is going to take the five hours of training to impact the lives of 80 missionaries who then are going to impact the lives of thousands all over South America. 
(80x100=8,000) or more!


Please make a note, reminder, or calendar prompt right now to pray this afternoon, Tuesday, for the team and the 80 missionaries and the thousands who will eventually receive the impact. 
Be watching this weekend for a brief report from me about how it went. 

You are loved! 

Carl (for H4 ministries and ABWE) 

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