The Haiti connection


My October 2012 trip to Haiti was, to say the least, a tremendous blessing to how see God used the one week investment of my time in training the pastors.  Before our ministry team even finished with the training, the Haitian pastors were already meeting together to plan how they were going to be able to train other pastors and leaders to use “The story of hope” in other regions of Haiti. My eight ministry trips to Haiti have opened my eyes to the truly desperate condition of most people in Haiti.  It breaks my heart to see the tremendous poverty there, but at the same time I am thrilled to observe their hunger for the Gospel.  We hope to make a giant impact on this country with God’s help by joining forces with the Haitian pastors who have been through our Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship training.  


I could best describe my ministry trips to Haiti as exponential impact with very little effort.  The reason for this is that we obviously were graciously selected by God to be instruments for a special time of God pouring out his blessing and power in an unusual way. He gets the credit and the glory.  We are merely grateful though still feeling unworthy of this honor to participate in what He is doing.



These men are excelent thinkers and planners with big dreams to reach their country for Christ.  We were amazed!  

Haiti mission trip September 2012 Photos