What is "H-4-O"?

 our ministry: H4Operative defined

What is H4O ?

H4O is our new branding logo for our ministry that clarifies WHAT GOD HAS ASSIGNED FOR US TO DO!  Our ministry has not changed, just expanded.

H4O is a take-off from the chemical properties symbol for water which is H2O.  

·      The “H” of H4O represents the ethnic and people groups that God has sent our way to minister to. 

·      The “4” represents the number of people groups. 

·      The “O” is for “OPERATIVE” or in other words, our MISSION assignment from the Lord. 

These are the four people groups “H4” that we are ministering to.  There is no doubt that these are our assignments from the Lord; to evangelize, disciple, train them to lead others to Christ, assist in planting new churches that send people to reach the world for Christ; ie. The “great commission of Jesus Christ.” 

Here are the Four H’s of H4O:

1.   HISPANICS (for more than 32 years equipping Hispanic churches to plant new churches; 15 years in Argentina and now right here in the USA)

2.   HAITIANS (Training Haitian teachers and pastors in Haiti, as well as the “Water for the Children of the Desert Project”)

3.   HITTERS (pro baseball players; evangelism, discipleship and leading Spanish chapels for two minor league teams and the major league team with the Miami Marlins)

4.   HEROES (the people we admire and respect because we have “walked in their shoes;” ie. missionaries, pastors and ministry leaders who God leads our way to encourage, minister to in our home, counsel and send back into ministry empowered by God’s Spirit)  

So that is what we do!  Isn’t it exciting?  You can read more stories about each of the “H” ministries of H4O in our blogs on our website!  Thank you for your prayers for us; right now if you can, and thanks so much for those of you whom God has led to partner financially empowering us to continue to expand this ministry.  So, who are YOUR people groups God has placed in your path to minister to?  Send us an email or text today.  We will pray for YOU!  If you have questions, please contact us.  If you want to partner with us financially, click on the DONATE button.